The Truth?

dictionary-series-philosophy-truthAs a species we have always been obsessed with the truth. The concept dominates film & television with shows about human polygraphs and truth serums have always been popular, and let’s not even get started on the Matrix’s infamous blue and red pills. Moreover people are always talking about how biased the media is, and how they never really report “the whole truth” of a story, or how politicians are never honest and neither are corporations. Some of us search for it in horoscopes, numerology, and even blood types. One of the earlier articles I posted in this very blog referred to the subject, and how I felt I had been lied to by “society”.

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Your Professional Online Image

You’ve gotten some rest, you’ve gotten yourself motivated and organized, you’re ready to start job hunting right? Nooooot quite. There is still a very important matter of you’re Resume to sort out. What image do you want to present to your future employers? Are you presenting the best version of yourself possible? Have you listed all your assets? What makes you different from all the hundreds of other candidates applying for the same position? Lets face it, few things are more demotivating than responding to 10 or 15 job adverts and not hearing back from a single one. So take your time to get your things in order before you start putting yourself out there.

Employers these days are more than likely to set about Googling your name right after an interview, or sometimes even beforehand, so you have to make sure the links that are attached to you are what you really want to represent. In fact, open a separate tab on your browser right now and Google yourself. What pops up? If you knew nothing about yourself and this was all the information you had, what would you think of yourself? How can you win the Game of Social Thrones?

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Still Water

It smelled of rain. He could see the waterfall drumming away at the window, obscuring all reality beyond it. Inside the terminal it was dry and warm, but the smell persisted. The bitter smell of wet concrete, of fresh rubber.  His lids scraped against his swollen red eyes. He held them shut, squeezed them tighter, pressed his fingers over them. But when he opened them once more they stung no less.

Turning his head towards the window he drowned himself in the shower that purveyed it. Lost in the indistinguishable streams of water he imagine he was back at the river, bathing underneath the falls. Shivering in the sunlight. He would could never go back. the river was not the same, the faces of those he had shared those days with had dried and cracked as the lake bed did in summer. Some had sunk into the soil for respite and would never return.

He wondered if it rained in heaven. If the rivers flowed steadily all year, swelling the lakes up with no room for drought. If the water would carry that same chill that would stab through your bones even on the warmest of days. He wondered if he still remembered how to swim. If they would remember.

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I read a beautiful poem on Ookoscope’s blog“He Was, He was Not”. I felt I knew a lot of people who could relate to it. Having just finished a conversation with a friend about feminism, my mind immediately focused on the poem’s gender perspective. As a woman I used to have very narrow views about gender equality, but one of the great things about having a guy as your best friend is that it keeps things in balance.

The poem itself is about a man who deceives a woman into sleeping with him, although I am in no way doing the words justice, please read it for yourself. In any case I felt like a lot of the emotions evoked in the piece could apply to both women and men. In fact, somehow I know about just as many men who have been deceived and betrayed by women, as I do the other way around. Best of all, the blog writer himself (Ooko) is a man, yet he wrote from a woman’s point of view.

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By now I’m sure most of you have followed the advice in my last “Left-Brain” post and are bored out of your minds. You’ve rested all you need to, explored all the hobbies you wanted, checked off most of your bucket list, slept in every day and forgotten more nights than you’ve remembered. Time to get serious.

But how? It’s difficult enough to motivate yourself to do any work without deadlines, peer pressure and a regular schedule. How are you ever going to convince yourself to do something productive?

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The Fig Tree

The more I speak to other third culture kids in their twenties the more I realize how difficult it is to adjust to other peoples’ versions of normal once the moving around stops. So many people I know have had trouble making friends, adjusting, trying to figure out what to do next, where to go next.

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Powder Cake

The next morning the powder had reached almost to the top of the barrier on my balcony. I shivered and pulled the blankets over my head, hoping time would stop, the alarm wouldn’t ring and I could stay in bed until it was warm again.

Like death and taxes, so came that obnoxious ringing sounds. Bursting through the fortress of fabric, duck down and cotton that I had built up around my ears. I popped my head out and silenced the alarm.

I’ve always been one of those people that needs plenty of sunlight. I can’t function well in the dark. So naturally the first thing I do when I wake up every morning is open the blinds and look out at the sky. But today there was no sky to find. There was no sun. There was only a mass of powdery white snow that stretched on forever. It had snowed all night long, and now I realized that the snow really had reached the top of my balcony… on the 8th floor of my building.

I shoved my boots and jacket on over my pajamas and went outside to have a look. When I strained my sight I could see the shapes of other buildings, freshly pressed in white powder. A stranger walked by wearing snow shoes while carrying a coffee mug and chattering into his phone. A little snow wasn’t about to bring the city to a halt.

I shrugged and crawled back into bed. I knew it would all be melted by tomorrow. At the very least the snow plow would figure out how to dig through it. But today, just for today, I could go back to bed.

Why I started this blog

So I just joined Blog University’s Blogging 101 course, seeing as I’m a newbie at this I felt like I needed an extra hand. In any case the first assignment is to introduce yourself and the purpose of your blog, so I figured I would do just that.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love to write. Ever since I was younger writing was my release. Sometimes I don’t even know what to write about but I just know I need to. My work, up until now, has been mostly private, and I’ll be honest, it took A LOT for me to even create this blog. I finally figured, if I want to be a writer, I better get used to strangers reading and judging my writing publicly. I also thought starting a blog would be a good incentive for me to practice my writing in a more focused and directed manner. I felt like when I wrote for myself there was no pressure to edit, or improve, or to make sure any of it made sense. It just had to make sense to me.There was also no pressure to write, to keep practicing, and to get better.

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So What’s Next?

Congratulations! You’ve got your shiny new degree! Now what?

First and foremost TAKE TIME OFF. Some of you might be having panic fits while you watch your friends go off on their internships or new jobs but, guess what? They don’t get a break! So, for at least 1 month, go travel, take up meditation, yoga, pilates, surfing. Binge drink for a week, don’t leave your bed for a week, watch all the TV and movies you’ve been wanting to catch up on. Do whatever you need to do in order to RELAX.

Warning; this may not be easy to achieve. It’s likely that every now and then you will be plagued by a little anxiety. It will tell you all sorts of negative things and it will try to compare you to every one else who is seemingly better off than you. Your job is to ignore that pestilent little voice.

I cannot stress how important it is to take a break and congratulate yourself on your achievements. Honestly, even if you do have a job right out of uni, I still recommend taking a week or so off just to pat yourself on the back. No one else is ever going to truly appreciate the level of effort it took for you to achieve something because (obviously) they are not you! It’s that old adage; everyone has their own problems, they’re fighting their own battles and living their own lives. It’s not that people are mean, they’re just too busy to really care as much as you might want them to.

hobbes_quote_by_lizink-d54o8y7Ok so you’re super confident and don’t need to learn to appreciate yourself – you already do! Well congratulations, you’ve achieved something most people can’t do their whole lives. That doesn’t mean you don’t need rest. Any health nut will tell you rest is just as important as hard work. Our bodies and minds need rest in order to keep us going. It’s also extremely important to hit the point of absolute boredom, because that’s when real motivation starts to hit, but I’ll explain that concept better next week. For now; enjoy your rest!