I read a beautiful poem on Ookoscope’s blog“He Was, He was Not”. I felt I knew a lot of people who could relate to it. Having just finished a conversation with a friend about feminism, my mind immediately focused on the poem’s gender perspective. As a woman I used to have very narrow views about gender equality, but one of the great things about having a guy as your best friend is that it keeps things in balance.

The poem itself is about a man who deceives a woman into sleeping with him, although I am in no way doing the words justice, please read it for yourself. In any case I felt like a lot of the emotions evoked in the piece could apply to both women and men. In fact, somehow I know about just as many men who have been deceived and betrayed by women, as I do the other way around. Best of all, the blog writer himself (Ooko) is a man, yet he wrote from a woman’s point of view.

I mentioned my thoughts to him and he responded that the poem stemmed from a real occurrence, I can only suppose that it was something that happened to an acquaintance. I understand he was not trying to make and engendered statements in his writing, and none of this is criticism, nor does it in any way diminish the strength of his words. In fact, I think it can only serve to empower them if we bear in mind that these same words can be written by a man.

I think it’s important to remember that men can understand the female mind as much as they understand our own. That in fact there is no such thing as the ‘female’ mind or an engendered mind. Only the human, the individual, the each and everyone of us who think just as differently and similarly to each other regardless of the exterior that encapsulates us. You are not a color, or a gender, a sexual preference or any other sort of label. You are a person and so is everyone else around you.

Thank you Ooko for reminding me of that.


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