Your Professional Online Image

You’ve gotten some rest, you’ve gotten yourself motivated and organized, you’re ready to start job hunting right? Nooooot quite. There is still a very important matter of you’re Resume to sort out. What image do you want to present to your future employers? Are you presenting the best version of yourself possible? Have you listed all your assets? What makes you different from all the hundreds of other candidates applying for the same position? Lets face it, few things are more demotivating than responding to 10 or 15 job adverts and not hearing back from a single one. So take your time to get your things in order before you start putting yourself out there.

Employers these days are more than likely to set about Googling your name right after an interview, or sometimes even beforehand, so you have to make sure the links that are attached to you are what you really want to represent. In fact, open a separate tab on your browser right now and Google yourself. What pops up? If you knew nothing about yourself and this was all the information you had, what would you think of yourself? How can you win the Game of Social Thrones?

It can be pretty overwhelming to figure out where to start, which is why I always suggest to start with LinkedIn. My favourite thing about the site is that as you create your profile, the website essentially guides you through the Resume writing process. Not all of the information is essential, but LinkedIn can help you categorize all of your achievements into digestible segments. You can organize your professional self persona however you want to, and when you’re finished you’ll have a better idea of how you want to portray yourself professionally.Online life concept. Business Woman looking upwards while workin

Of course, LinkedIn is not the only professional  social media website out there. A lot of different industries have their own databases and popular sites. Do a little research and see if you can build your own profile on a website that is more specific to your professional needs.

Maybe you don’t want to have to create another social media profile or have to remember another username and password. Or maybe you’re worried about having more information about yourself out there for everyone to see. I was absolutely terrified of creating my own blog at first, for years I was incredibly proud that you could never Google me. But then it hit me… if no one can find me, how are they going to hire me? If you want to get a job you have to create a name for yourself, put yourself out there, show people what makes you worth hiring over everybody else.

Not convinced? don’t worry, next week I’ll focus on how to actually work through your CV and get started on your job search 😉


4 thoughts on “Your Professional Online Image

  1. Learning how to effectively manage your online presence has become increasingly important as employers continue to look online for information pertaining to your personal life. Be proactive in ensuring your image is positive!


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