The Truth?

dictionary-series-philosophy-truthAs a species we have always been obsessed with the truth. The concept dominates film & television with shows about human polygraphs and truth serums have always been popular, and let’s not even get started on the Matrix’s infamous blue and red pills. Moreover people are always talking about how biased the media is, and how they never really report “the whole truth” of a story, or how politicians are never honest and neither are corporations. Some of us search for it in horoscopes, numerology, and even blood types. One of the earlier articles I posted in this very blog referred to the subject, and how I felt I had been lied to by “society”.

Lately I’ve been wondering more and more about what the truth really is. I mean, the world’s most reputable philosophers couldn’t even agree on what reality actually consisted of, how can we know or agree on just one concept of “truth”? We can’t even trust our memories anymore. A series of studies have shown that human beings can be convinced that they were at an event that never even actually occurred. Not to mention how many legal cases have been proven to present different witnesses with entirely conflicting memories of the same event.

People say it’s a “cop-out” or that I’m just choosing to sit on the fence, but I genuinely find it difficult to ever pin-point a ‘right-wrong’ scenario when it comes to most global conflicts or controversies. I’ve always been more of an advocate for compromise; if neither party is happy then a fair decision has been reached. Though that might sound a bit cynical.

I think moving around to different countries also drastically changed my opinion of “truth”. I feel like, as a kid, every time I had a certain solid concept of what reality was, what was right and wrong, what life was really like, it all got turned upside down as soon as I was plopped in a new place.

We’re all so different, and we all have such different experiences. We each have our own “truth” that best fits our world and our lives, and who are we to impose that truth on anyone else?

What about you guys, do you think there is just one singular “truth” out there? If you do, do you think we’ll ever reach it as a society?


3 thoughts on “The Truth?

  1. I love this! You have exactly the same views as I do, and have taken the wider world angle on the same things I was deliberating over. I’m so glad you covered it all! My post got so long (and i got so tired) I cut out media, censorship, indoctrination, nature/nurture, psychological conditioning, George orwells 1984 etc. I agree we all have our own truths but society will never have one single belief system so one truth isn’t possible I don’t think. Religion and consequentially behaviour is a perfect example.


  2. I love every word of this… I actually read the entire post & you are right, it always is different. Don’t know if it will be the same for the world let alone politicians lol thanks for your post

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