Barsa Night


So last night was date night with the man thing and we had a delicious time at the new Barsa Taberna in one of my favourite Toronto neighbourhoods, St. Lawrence Market. The beef tartar (pictured above) was to die for, and the chorizo tasting platter reminded me so much of the wonderful barbecues my uncle makes back in Brasilia. The restaurant itself is lovely, with wonderful stone walls that transport you into a real underground European taberna; a little alcove that’s been dug into an antique building. The space apparently used to be part of the Market’s cellars and has been wonderfully converted into this quaint little restaurant. I fell in love with the bar stool and have now made it my mission to disIMG_1148cover where I can find some for my own house.

They had run out of the Pascual Larietta Rioja that I was really looking forward to sampling with my meal, you can never blame restaurants for these things in Toronto. When everyone has to buy liquor from the same supplier, shortages become pretty habitual. I will still never understand the liquor laws in this province. In any case, they did have a wonderful Matto Nero D’Avola whose pungent hint of chocolate wound up pairing perfectly with the richness in the Beef Tartare and BC Trout Salad.

Unfortunately I apparently enjoyed the wine far too much as I passed out on the couch later on, still in my dress, with a pair of uggs snuggly hugging my feet and legs. And now I get to enjoy a lovely, lazy day of writing as the rain pours outside. Still convincing myself that I should go to the gym for Pilates later on… we shall see if the rain cooperates. Hope you all had an equally lovely, if not better Thursday night.

Update: The gym was closed for Yom Kippur, so at least I can say I tried. I have also just discovered that, instead of passing out cutely on the couch as I had previously imagined, I had my panties around my ankles tangled up in my Uggs. When my lovely partner tried to carefully take them off so I wouldn’t trip on them, I shoved him off and fell in an act of instant karma. I remember none of this and will deny it for the rest of my days. I guess we all can’t have an elegant end to our evenings…


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