Autumn Laziness

I have been so ridiculously lethargic lately! I can’t even justify it. I honestly have no idea what’s going on, but ever since I got sick I’ve been having trouble finding m rhythm again and getting back to work. Worst yet – I actually have stuff to do!

How cute is this?! I LOVE bulldogs

How cute is this?! I LOVE bulldogs

I worked on a couple film projects in June and September, and now they’re both in post-production, which means I don’t have heapsย of work to do, but I do have to attend a few meetings and do some liaising, promoting and organizing here and there. I can’t even bring myself to do that. Just been dragging my feet to every meeting. I’m worried my body has gotten too used to one full year of unemployment, but most likely I’ve just been overworking myself and this shiver-inducing weather is not helping.

It also doesn’t help that I have been trying (and failing) to quit coffee. I don’t necessarily think it’s bad for you or anything, but I like to detox from it every once it a while to prevent withdrawal headaches and tolerance. Probably not the best time to be doing this… which is why I have been giving up every day and saying “I’ll try again tomorrow.” At least there’s always tomorrow…


One thought on “Autumn Laziness

  1. I love coffee, and though I feel I do need a break from it every now and then, I really don’t find myself taking that “break”, because I substitute coffee with black tea…*blushes*

    …I know, I’m so bad! ๐Ÿ˜›


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