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Never Stop Dreaming

For a long time I was terrified of starting this blog. To expose my work to hundreds of strangers, to put words, comments, thoughts and ideas out there that I could not take back. I hadn’t seen this cartoon until now, but it definitely gave me comfort to carry on posting, writing and creating. We can’t let our fears keep us from dreaming.


The Shield of Irony

For a while now, I’ve been noticing a growing trend in society towards irony. Sure, it’s often used incorrectly, but it surrounds our every day lives. From the ever increasing population of hipsters, to the current demand for self-reflexive and ironic media such as “The Colbert Report” and “House of Cards”. We have become a generation of cynics. Even advertisements no longer try to woo us in with what we would automatically perceive as ‘lies’ (regardless of whether or not they are); they emphasize their commercial quality and then finish off with a “but hey, buy us anyway” – think, Old Spice commercials or almost any advert that relates to bacon or beer.

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Online Job Search

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, so I think it’s about time we have another career search motivation. If you have taken a look at my last posts you should have a solid CV and cover letter format set up by now. And you should also be very aware, at this point, that your format for both these items will change depending on which jobs you were applying for.

A few short posts ago I also said that I was going to start applying for one internship per day until I received an offer. Now did not get 2 days into it before I received replies from both of the two first internships I had applied for, and this was on a 1026_cheerful-job-search_400x280Saturday, no less. So, although I hate to say that I have all of the answers, clearly something I’m doing works. Bragging aside, I have momentarily stopped applying for internships until the interview process with these two internships is over. I’m sure not everyone would go about it this way, but I find it difficult enough juggling two potential job offers at once, not to mention they’re both very good and I have no idea which one to pick.

In spite of all of that, I think it’s time we broached the topic of actual job searches. You’ve got all of your information in order, but where are you actually going to find a job? There are always the traditional job search websites, of course. It’s no use for me to recommend any of them because each city has their predominant site, but one thing I’ve found a lot of people skip over is business websites. If you’re looking for a job in marketing, or fashion, or software development: go to the company websites! Find a company you really like or really want to work for, and check their website on a regular basis. At the very bottom of their webpage there will usually be a little “careers” tab that will either list their available positions or give you a chance to send in your CV should a specific position open up.

There are also the specialty websites. The internet is full of them. It seems like each industry has their own specific job search database these days, and they can usually be found pretty easily when you search for “marketing jobs” or some other general search relating to the industry you want to work for. Specialty sites are DEFINITELY worth checking daily, as they get updated most often with a greater diversity of jobs.

Finally, don’t be afraid to apply for jobs you may think you’re not qualified for. You would be surprised at how easy it is to learn on the job these days. Especially with Google to troubleshoot any potential questions you might have. I’m not telling you to flat out lie or to bite off more than you can chew, but if there is one small requirement or preference in the job advert that you think you could easily overcome, mention that in your cover letter. Let your potential employer know that you’re a fast learner and aren’t afraid to tackle knew challenges. Chances are, you’ll have an easier time learning by doing than taking an entire course just to learn one simple skill.

Happy November!

Winter has officially hit, it’s time to start closing our windows (for some strange reason we keep our open up until the very last possible day), I can no longer go outside without wearing a minimum of 2 layers of bottoms and I actually have to bring a bag with me to the gym now. This month also happens to be my mom and my best friend’s birthday month, so I think it’s quite fitting that this happens to be an important transition month for me.

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A Muse in the Masters

This one is inspired by a writing prompt from the Daily Post that I was really excited about: “Write a new piece using Nighthawks by Edward Hopper as your inspiration.”  Edward Hopper is by far my favourite painter of all time. Hope you guys enjoy it! I should probably also remind you guys that today marks the start of National Novel Writing Month, so for those of you who have always wanted to write one – NO MORE EXCUSES! Check out the website and register to join. Happy writing!

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