Happy November!

Winter has officially hit, it’s time to start closing our windows (for some strange reason we keep our open up until the very last possible day), I can no longer go outside without wearing a minimum of 2 layers of bottoms and I actually have to bring a bag with me to the gym now. This month also happens to be my mom and my best friend’s birthday month, so I think it’s quite fitting that this happens to be an important transition month for me.

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago I regularly volunteer for a short film festival that happens on the last Thursday of every month. So a few days ago, the festival coordinator encouraged me to apply for internships in the area while I go through my visa process, that way, by the time I’m able to start working I’ll already have clout and contacts within one company to get a paid position. He also added a few encouraging compliments in there that really motivated me.

Lately I’ve also been feeling a little discouraged with regards to my writing. Let’s face it, when you read a couple of amazing short stories, blogs, and books, it’s inevitable to not compare yourself to them. I’ve always believed that talent is learned and practiced; you can’t be any good at something without hard work and dedication, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t occasionally get impatient with the snail’s pace of my improvement. In any case, a while back I started writing an idea I had for a novel and got 5,000 words in before I lost faith and gave myself writer’s block,

In light of both these events I have decided to make November my “finish what I started” month. I just registered to be a part of National Novel Writing Month, which began yesterday, and have given myself the goal of writing a minimum of 1,500 in my novel a day. To add to that I’ve also given myself the objective of applying to one internship a day this month, whether online or in person at different production companies. Which has so far proven to be pretty successful, two days in and I have already received a positive response! So I’m thinking I might be on the right track…



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