Reflections & Confessions

A while ago I had a very enlightening conversation with my man thing (as I refer to him), and came to quite an interesting revelation. I am a workaholic. 124236_m

I never really considered workaholism as a problem, I just figured it was a term lazy people applied to people who worked hard so that they didn’t feel so bad about their laziness. That logic in itself should have probably been my first hint.

For the last year I have been unable to work while I’ve been struggling through a visa process that will let me live in Canada permanently. You can imagine this has not been easy for me. I piled on project after project just to keep myself distracted. After a while I found it hard to balance my regular chores with all the activities and hobbies I was working on. I found myself just as stressed as I had been while I was working and studying full time. Of course all that culminated in a massive row with the man thing, that led to a deeper conversation about what had started the fight to begin with. And that’s when I realized. The funny thing is, once I brought this up to old friends and family who had known me for ages they all aced as if this was all very matter of fact and something I should already know.

So I stopped altogether. For the last few months I’ve been teaching myself to relax, catching up on all the films and TV shows I’ve been wanting to watch for ages, playing all the video games I’ve been putting on the back burner, just learning that it’s ok to do nothing. Which leads me to why I’ve been missing for so long.

After 4 or 5 months of forced relaxation, I’m ready to ease myself back into action. So be ready for regular posts and updates once again. How about you guys? Do you ever have problems trying to do too many things at once? Or is your problem more to do with procrastination?


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