What’s All This About?

Left Brain, right Brain, 3rd culture? What’s all that about?

Ok, so let me simplify it all for you. 3rd culture kids, also referred to as TCK or 3CK, are kids who have grown up surrounded by different cultures their whole lives. Usually the simplest definition is that you have one culture at home, and one culture in your day to day. Now, I realize this is a terribly ambiguous definition that these days can be used to refer to… well, just about anyone, but more commonly it refers to children of ex-pats, children who study in international schools, that sort of thing. In any case, I am a Brazilian citizen who was born in Singapore and is now in Toronto Canada, so you can see where that description fits.

I also double majored in Film, TV, and Media Studies as well as Writing Studies at University, so my the creative right-hand side of my brain received some post-secondary education. As such I like to keep my writing muscles well toned and fit, so that’s what the creative and self-reflective pieces are mainly for.

Finally, as you can probably guess from my majors, I did not follow what some people these days consider a “standard career path”. In fact, when I graduated from University I had a job as a bartender and no potential career prospects in sight. I knew a lot of people in similar situations, many of whom even had to move back in with their parents after graduating. So I decided to use the left-hand side of my brain to give people some perspective, in hopes that it will lead to some advice. If nothing else I hope it reminds those of you out there in similar situations that you’re not alone.


3 thoughts on “What’s All This About?

  1. Sounds interesting. I am a second culture really, but still find I can relate to your blog. I’ll be your new follower now, feel warmly invited to stop by and maybe follow my blog back. πŸ™‚


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